Timber & Finishes


At JD.Lee Furniture we try to the best of our ability to use only environmentally friendly materials for each piece we make. All of our timbers are furniture grade kiln dried and either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and carry Chain of Custody 

Certification, our fabrics are either 100% cotton with Oeko-Tex Certification or a blend from 50% organic cotton and 50% organic hemp. Our foam is CFC free and from suppliers accredited with GECA (Good Environmental Choice Award).

American Oak is common throughout the east of the United States, also referred to as white oak it is strait grained with a medium to coarse texture. It tends to have longer rays than most Oaks and large distinctive growth rings and commonly found with medullary rays present.      


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Australian Blackwood is common in the southern and eastern states of Australia, the beautifully rich and figured golden brown heartwood which is often complimented by reddish streaks. Ranging is colour from a light pinkish colour to a dark full brown and contrasting light coloured sapwood.

American Walnut is common to some areas in the east of the United States, it is well known for its beautifully figured dark brown and sometimes purplish heartwood which is contrasted by the creamy light coloured sapwood. The timber is rich in natural defects, it is a fine and generally strait grained with an even but coarse texture.

am walnut.png

Tasmanian Oak is comprised of three timber species that are commonly found in the mountainous areas of Tasmania, Victoria and south east NSW. It is a dense, warm and resilient timber and preferred hardwood for a variety of applications. It has strong strait grain and colour ranges from a lighter cream to a light brown.




ROMO Linara - Our most popular and well used fabric. It is a cotton Linen Blend available in a wide range of colours. Click here for full collection.

At JD.Lee Furniture we offer a variety of finishes to meet your lifestyle needs, all of which are either  100% organic and natural or are of the highest 

Zepel Fabrics LUX II - We also offer this 100% cotton velvet for all of our pieces. Staying away from synthetic velvet the collection offers quality in a range of colours.

environmental standard available and derived from natural ingredients. 

Organic Tung Oil

Our Tung Oil finish is derived from the nuts of Tung trees native to East Asia. It is an all-natural product and is naturally water resistant and food safe. The oil is repeatedly rubbed into the timber and penetrates deep into the pores allowing the light to reflect off the oil and reveals the natural beauty of the timbers. It also  acts  as  a  protective  barrier  from  dust  and wear, though it is recommended not to place hot 

cups or bowls directly onto the timber and to ensure spills and liquids are cleaned immediately. Tung Oil is a great lasting and  protective oil though for high
traffic areas such as table tops etc. regular servicing may  be  necessary to keep its  original  condition. Tung oil  servicing kits  are  available  from  our JD.Lee Furniture store.

OSMO Natural Oil & Wax

OSMO is the natural oil and wax finish we use and recommend for high traffic components such as table tops. It is available in a natural satin finish or a raw satin finish. It is derived from natural oils and waxes and manufactured by specialists in this area for over 100 years. The oil protects the timber by penetrating deep within the open pores and the wax creates an 


elastic, micro  porous  surface  which  acts  as another protective barrier from moisture  and abrasion. This oil leaves a satin finish and is low maintenance and hardwearing, naturally resistant to spills and liquids, though it is recommended not to place hot cups or bowls directly onto the timber and to ensure spills and liquids are cleaned immediately.


Oeko-Tex Certified
Oeko-Tex certified fabrics are environmentally safe and not harmful to human health.                                      

PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
Founded in 1999 PEFC is an independent, non-profit, non-government organisation which promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third-party certification.



FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Founded in 1993 to raise the standards of forest management and create openness in the timber supply chain through an internationally recognized timber certification process

Chain of Custody  
A process for tracking certified timber from the tree in the forest, through the processing plant to the trader and then to the final customer.

Care & Warranty


Timber Furniture

All furniture manufactured by JD.Lee Furniture holds a 2 year structural warranty. We use only the highest quality of furniture grade timbers, combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology we aim to make furniture that will last a lifetime when used as intended. Proper handling and care for each product is essential to guarantee longevity, no 

product should ever be dragged or stood on. Natural environmental factors will affect the condition of furniture which can lead to cupping, timber splitting, shrinkage, expansion and timber finish discolouration which unfortunately cannot be warranted. 

Fabrics & Leather

The fabrics and leather used at JD.Lee Furniture hold a 12 months warranty of any manufacturing defects. All fabrics and leathers used have been sourced from

experts in their fields to ensure all current standards of material have been met.


Timber Furniture

At  JD.Lee  Furniture  each  piece of  furniture is handmade using traditional craftsmanship, modern technology  and the  highest  standard  of  solid, sustainably sourced furniture grade timbers. We design  and  build  products  to  last, and  with appropriate care each piece will do so. We always recommend that our furniture only ever be used for its  intended  purpose. When  assembling  and disassembling  furniture  always  follow  the 

instructions provided by JD.Lee Furniture. If ever moving furniture, please do so with assistance and using appropriate  lifting techniques. Please never drag or push furniture, and we do not recommend ever standing  on  our  furniture.  To  avoid  natural environmental  damage  to  occur  including discolouration  of  timber  finish  we  always recommend keeping furniture out of direct sunlight. 


All of the fabrics used at JD.Lee Furniture are sourced by experts for quality assurance, and traditional craftsmanship is used to make each piece to ensure the durability of product. We recommend regular vacuuming of fabrics to remove any dust or dirt build up that may occur. Always clean spills immediately, 

only use a damp cloth and gently rub surface to remove any marks, the use of any cleaning product may alter the colour and integrity of the material. It is recommended to not place any fabric furniture in direct sunlight as fading may occur over time.


The leather used at JD.Lee Furniture is sourced by experts for quality assurance, and traditional craftsmanship is used to make each piece to ensure the durability of product. We recommend regular wiping down of the leather with a damp cloth to remove any build-up of dust and dirt that may occur 

over time. Please note that the stretch marks and scars of the leather are the natural characteristics of the leather and are unique to every hide. Over time the leather with naturally soften and stretch, further adding to the uniqueness of each piece. 

Tung Oil

The natural oil finish penetrates into the pores of the timber to create a protective layer on the surface. We suggest wiping down the surface with a dry cloth on a regular basis to remove any build-up of dust and dirt. This is a natural finish and is not recommended to place hot cups or bowls directly onto the timber. For any spills it is best to wipe off immediately using a cloth. Most small  marks are generally  able to  be buffed out  using a  damp cloth that  has  been  well wrung out and rubbing the surface repetitively in the 

direction of the grain. It is recommended to not leave the product in direct sunlight as over time this may alter the colour of the timber. Avoid using any cleaning products. Please note that fading of the oil finish will occur over time, this is not a problem though to keep in original condition re-application of the oil finish may be needed up to once a year. Natural oil servicing kits are available from our JD.Lee Furniture store.

Oil & Wax Finish


Water-based Polyurethane

This is a deep penetrating oil, followed by an oil and wax top coat creating a thin film over the surface of the timber. Although this finish is water resistant it is not water proof. We recommend avoiding placing hot or wet cups/plates directly onto the surface and encourage the use of placemats and coasters to ensure the longevity of your furniture.


We build up several coats during application to provide a thin layer of plastic, creating a super durable protection for the timber surface. The finish is highly stain, water and mark resistant, though we do not recommend leaving any moisture or liquid on the table and all spills should be cleared immediately using a dry cloth.

In the case of spills please dry the area affected as to not allow marks to appear. For general maintenance regular dusting of the surface to stop a build-up of grit will help prevent scratches. Please do not use any cleaning product on the surface as these may strip the finish. If wiping is necessary, please use either a dry cloth or a well wrung out damp cloth and drying the surface after wiping. 


Build up of dust and grit can occur naturally over time which can cause marks and scratches from sliding cups and plates. We recommend regular dusting, the use of placemats and coasters and placing not sliding objects over the surface. We do not recommend the use of any cleaning product on the surface as these may strip the finish. If wiping is necessary, please use either a dry cloth or a well wrung out damp cloth and drying the surface after wiping. 

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